Las Vegas Bridal Gowns

Las Vegas Bridal Gowns
Las Vegas is one of the hotspots for weddings. It’s a destination wedding that allows a bride to have her wedding anywhere in the world. A Parisian wedding can be held at the Las Vegas Paris Hotel & Casino. A Venetian wedding can be held at the Venetian, complete with a gondola in the background. There are thousands of weddings held in Las Vegas every single year.When you are planning a wedding, you need to look at Las Vegas bridal gowns to capture your personality within the dress. Regardless of whether you are doing a low-key wedding or an over the top reception, you can find the dress that’s going to fit you and your body type. Before you go shopping for Las Vegas bridal options, you have to consider the styles, the designers, some of the latest trends, as well as the most popular accessories for brides right now.

Styles to Consider 

There are a lot of styles to consider and it’s all going to affect how the dress fits you and your curves. The empire waist is a popular style that will always be popular. It allows for a snug fit around the chest and then flows freely beyond that point. There’s also the mermaid style, which is formfitting throughout the body and then flows out past the knees.

You may want to try on several styles of bridal dresses to find out which one suits your style. You should also listen to what the person in the boutique has to say. They work in a Las Vegas bridal store as their profession and therefore they have a lot of knowledge about the styles. They have seen every body type there is and they know how to flatter the figure that you have.

Latest Trends 

Some of the latest trends are personality-centered. You can have any kind of dress you want in today’s day and age. The 1980s dresses all looked the same – lots of sequins and applique, big poufy sleeves and a high neck. Now, brides can be Bohemian, traditional and even sexy.

Some of the top trends are 3D and texture as well as a lot of sparkle. 

Other trends include a tea-length dress, which allows you to avoid the train altogether. You can show off your shoes and be able to dance at the reception easier. Thanks to Kate Middleton, sleeves are also becoming popular again. Lace has a vintage quality that will never go away and it’s being seen in the form of a lace overlay on many dresses. The illusion neckline has also become quite popular. This provides the style of a strapless gown but has lace that goes up the chest and neck. It’s ideal for the bride that wants to be a little more conservative. It’s also easy to dance without worrying about the dress slipping off the chest.

Color is another trend that is being seen amongst wedding dresses. While most dresses are still white or ivory, there are now hints of other colors. The other colors can be expressed with lacking up the back, a lace overlay, bead work and much more. Sashes can be added to incorporate the wedding colors and much more. It’s a great way to make use of the colors of the wedding and coordinate not only with the bridesmaids but also the entire wedding party.

Some of the dress trends have come from the latest interpretation of the Great Gatsby. The 1920s vintage look has become extremely popular in Las Vegas bridal gowns and with bridal dresses for the rest of the party. This is great when the rest of the theme coordinates, but many brides choose a trend that is going to be relevant for a short period of time. By the time their wedding takes place, most people have forgotten all about the movie.

Designers to Look At 

More designers have hit the marketplace than ever before – and Las Vegas is a great place to find them. Bridal gowns are in abundance at the individual designer’s boutiques as well as in various bridal shops that have more than one designer inside of them.

Vera Wang and Oscar de la Renta are constants when it comes to bridal designers. Christos and Monique Lhullier are responsible for designing a lot of the classic dresses that have a modern spin on them. There is also Reem Acra and Amsale to consider. Claire Pettibone is another designer to look at that has recently made a name in the wedding arena and chooses a more Bohemian/flower-child look for the dresses.

Top Accessories

No Las Vegas bridal gowns are complete without accessories. The accessories are greatly dependent upon the style of dress as well as how much skin is showing. The more skin showing, the more accessories are put into play.

The first accessory that needs to be addressed is the veil or headpiece. Bold headpieces are being seen more and more. These include multilayered veils as well as headpieces that are made out of flowers. This allows the bride to weave her personality into the overall dress more effectively. If you have a headpiece made of flowers, you will need to consider silk flowers or having the headpiece delivered directly to the ceremony site so there’s less chance of it wilting before you say “I do.”

The birdcage veil has become very popular as well. This is where a small amount of netting covers the face. It is often kept in place with a large barrette in the hair. The hair comb or barrette may feature large jewels or feathers – whatever will complement the dress. The birdcage veil is an ideal choice for a vintage style dress.

Cameos and pearls are also seen more and more on brides. Pearl is a wedding staple just as lace is. However, the pearls are being used as necklaces, bracelets and even anklets. Those who opt for a tea length dress are using it as a way to wear more jewelry.

Accessories are a great way to incorporate some color without adding color into the wedding dress itself. You may want to consider a colored headband or a colored hairpiece when you’re styling your hair the morning of the wedding.

Shoes are also important to consider. It’s common to have two pairs of shoes – one for the wedding and one for the reception. It’s up to you whether you want a flat or a heel. One of the latest trends is a minimal heel to be able to wear for both. The peek-a-boo is popular because you can show a little toe without it being a true open-toed shoe. If you want a colored shoe, you can get it dyed to match the dresses of your bridesmaids or you can find a colored shoe in one of the many shoe stores around Vegas.

As long as all of the accessories make sense with the dress, there are no limitations. You can choose to be as minimalistic or as bold as you desire.


Alterations are likely going to be required for any dress that you pick out. Very few women will be able to choose a dress off the rack and have it fit perfectly. If alterations are needed, there’s no need to panic. Most Las Vegas bridal shops will handle the alterations in-house. The trick is that some of them require a few weeks to make the alterations.

You will need to choose your dress quickly as a result of this. Many brides choose the dress before anything else. While this may not be necessary, you also don’t want to wait until the very last moment. Especially if you have a long engagement, you may not want to buy a dress a year out for fear that you may gain or lose weight between now and then.

Ask the boutique where you buy your dress what the lead time is on alterations. You may need the chest taken in, the length altered, or you may want to make some other custom changes to ensure you have the best fit possible.

Las Vegas bridal has become so popular because it is the Mecca for all things trendy. There are more boutiques along the strip of Las Vegas than almost anywhere else in the world and much of this has to do with the number of weddings performed in the city on an annual basis. People want their weddings to happen in Las Vegas because of all of the themes available to them. It’s the ultimate destination wedding without spending a fortune. Combine that with the fact that a hotel and casino can be the wedding and the reception site, it’s an easy way to plan. Plus there are packages offered at almost every hotel so that the bride and groom don’t have to think about anything. The photographer, the DJ, and everything else are included within the package price.

When you’re searching for wedding gowns, stay true to yourself. You can incorporate some of the latest trends, but be sure they are still going to be around when you actually walk down the aisle.

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